NSE BSE Bulk Deal Highlights 27-12-2016

On the NSE:-

ICRA Ltd – 3960.

FRANKLIN TEMPLETON INVESTMENT FUND bought 1,57,700 shares of ICRA Ltd at 3875 a piece. ASHOKA PTE was the seller.

SAKSOFT Ltd – 271.65.

PORINJU VELIYATH’S EQUITY INTELLIGENCE bought 55,858 shares of SAKSOFT Ltd at 267.34 a piece.

On the BSE:-

BSE didn’t have any deals which can be of great importance to Investors & Traders. Most of them were Intraday Trades and some others were Fund selling to another Fund.


Bulk Deal highlights is our series where we daily highlight important, notable bulk deals.

So amidst the sea of unwanted Intraday Bulk Deals and crappy entries you can see the bulk deals that might matter.

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