Chart Update: Crude chart pattern and Aban Offshore

ABAN Offshore Ltd: CMP 227, from 2014 to 2016 Aban has fallen massively from around 900 in July 2014 to around 140 in Feb 2016. In the same period of 2014-2016 crude has fallen massively from nearly 100$ to almost 25$.



Now as we see the charts of CRUDE it has an Inverse Head & Shoulders pattern with targets of nearly 80$, with TRUMP at Helm of USA the commodities are expected to perform. It is also said that America crashed crude to hurt Russia and there is a belief that Trump is close to Putin so he might help Undo the Crude Crash.

ABAN near 227 is 38% away from all time low of 140. This might be worth taking the risk if Crude starts a sharp uphill journey from here.


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